Karup Dumle (Shadow)
Dansk Jagthunde Registrernig - stamtavle-for-Dumle

Dansk Jagthunde Registrering

1. generation 2. generation 3. generation 4. generation 5. generation
Karup Dumle Mallard's Aron Saxo af Karup Everton Danny af Willow FTCH Cheweky Scholes FTCH Mallowdale Zander
FTCH Dearnvalley Jade of Cheweky
Croftgun Sally Cheweky Blastoise
Pannant Girl
Charloch's Starfighter Nellie Wyndhill Bragg of Drumnascamp FTCH Danderw Druid
FTCH Wintonwildfowl Siskin
Go Get It Chili af Charloch's Anahoe Jinks af Go Get It
DK FTCH Go Get It Black Tina
Karup Ronja Degn Andy Go Get It Smutty DK FTCH Jenoren Deil af Go Get It
DK FTCH Whitlocks Damselfly af Go Get It
Chorley Blackbird FTCH Larford Cateran
Dolly Rimple
Patsy Sharon Anahoe Jinks af Go Get It FTCH Mallowdale Rackatear
IR FTCH Knockmany Muffin
Primulas Patsy DK FTCH Kirkstall Lock
Parkbreck Primula
Kennel Berriedale